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Danville, California
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Danville Little League – Membership / Board of Directors FAQ


Q: How is the Board of Directors elected?

A:  The Board of Directors is elected at the Annual Meeting, which is held annually during the summer (June, July or August), after the completion of the current season.   All Regular Members in good standings of Danville Little League are eligible to vote.


Q: Am I eligible to be elected as a Board of Director

A: To be an eligible candidate for a Board of Director position you must be a Regular Member and have attended at least three general Membership meeting in the previous year.

Q:  Am I a “Regular Member” of Danville Little League?

A:  Regular Members of Danville Little League are those people who fall into the following categories for the previous year:

  • Officers (BOD)
  • General Board Members.
  • Committee Members
  • Volunteer Managers
  • Volunteer Umpires
  • “At-Large” Members who have been appointed or approved by the Board of Directors.

Q: How do I become a Regular Member of Danville Little League?

A: There are several ways to become a Regular Member of Danville Little League:

  • Attend the Membership Meeting and express an interest in becoming a general Board Member for the upcoming season.  NOTE:  It is expected that all General Board members who are voted in by the BOD at the Annual Meeting will fill a position for the following year and dedicate time towards the betterment of the league.
  • Volunteer as a Manager or Umpire
  • Request to be appointed as a General Board Member by the Board of Directors.  NOTE:  The Board of Directors will appoint members to fill open volunteer positions as needed throughout the year.


Q:  I am not sure if I want to commit to being a Member or that I have enough time to dedicate towards holding a volunteer position.  Can I still attend Membership Meetings?

A:  Yes, all Membership meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend. Often, people attend several meetings to understand how the league operates before deciding on whether to become a Member.