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Danville, California
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Umpire Information


Protective equipment is located inside a bin at each field. Each team manager has a key to the bin. Please put everything back in the equipment bag after every game and leave it so the last person can put it on top of everything in the bin. If you notice any umpire equipment missing or broken please contact the Umpire Director at

  • Mask with throat guard (required)
  • Chest Protector (goes under shirt)
  • Chest Pillow (optional)
  • Shin Guards (goes under pants)
  • Ball Bag (plate umpire only)
  • Plate Brush
  • Indicator
  • Red Flag
  • Ball Bag


  • Navy Shirt (supplied)
  • Navy Hat (supplied)
  • Black shoes & socks
  • Gray pants
  • black belt
  • Red or Navy undershirt (Majors always red)
  • Protective cup (all male plate umpires only) 

Local suppliers:    Total Threads, West Coast Sports (San Leandro)
On-line suppliers:,

Umpire Compensation:

A Division $25 (Plate and Base)

AA Division Plate $30

AA Division Base $25

AAA Division Plate $40

AAA Division Base $35

Majors Division Plate $50

Majors Division Base $45

Intermediate Division Plate $60

Intermediate Division Base $50

Jr Division Plate $60

Jr Division Base $50

Sr Division Plate $60

Sr Division Base $50

After each game, you must complete an "Umpire Report Form" if you are a paid umpire.  This is a mandatory step following each game and you will not be paid unless an Umpire Report Form is completed for each game you umpire.  Volunteer umpires do not need to complete a form but should complete it if they want to report something to the league.  

Rainout Policy

If it's been raining and the fields are wet, there's a good chance the games will be cancelled.  Umpires are instructed to call the Danville Sports Field Information line at (925) 314-3484 to see whether the fields are open.  If the fields are open the games will be played.  The Sports Field Information line is updated by noon on weekdays and by 7 am on weekends.

If the Sports Field Information line states the fields are closed in advance of the game start time, and you show up to the fields, you will receive no pay.  

If the Sports Field Information line states the fields are open in advance of the game start time, and you show up to the field and the game is cancelled at the field before the game starts, you will receive $10 "show up" pay.  

You will receive partial pay if the game is started but gets suspended while in progress.

Show-up Policy

If your umpire partner does not show up you will NOT be paid his portion even if you call the game alone. It is recommended you get a volunteer to help you and call or text the Umpire Director ASAP to get help. ALWAYS start the game on time even if with 1 umpire.

If you show up late to a game you may not get full pay. Arrive 30 minutes early please.

If you miss a game you will not be paid.


Umpire Code of Conduct

  • Fairly call the game based on best judgment of the rules as established by the league.
  • Communicate the rules of the game effectively to the managers, coaches and players.
  • Respond professionally when asked for clarification of rules and judgment calls.
  • Treat both teams and all players equally and fairly and ensure the rights of players.
  • Treat managers, coaches, players, and parents with dignity.
  • Show good sportsmanship, a positive attitude and remember the real reason for the game.
  • Always make safety of the players first.
  • Respect the Uniform by showing the highest level of professionalism on and off the field.