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Danville, California
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Umpire Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I contact the Danville Little League Umpire Director?

Q. What are the requirements to be an umpire?

The minimum age is "baseball league age 12".  You must also attend mandatory training, properly equipped and motivated.

Q. Do umpires get paid?

Yes, or they can volunteer.  If you wish to be a paid umpire, you must complete a W9 Form and mail it to the following Danville Little League address:

Umpire Payroll
Danville Little League
P.O. Box 1174
Danville, CA 94526

After each game, paid umpires must complete the Umpire Report Form, which is available off the Umpire tab on the homepage.  The Umpire Report Form allows us to keep track of who actually officiated the game.  The form is used to process the umpire payroll each month.  If you do not complete this form, you will not be paid for the assignment.

Q. If they volunteer do they get any other compensation or benefits?

Volunteer umpires are eligible to possibly do the All Star games and the league may buy you your own protective gear.

Q. When and where are games played?

Monday to Friday games are played between 4:30 and dark. Saturday games take place from 9:00 a.m. to dark.  Games are usually at Osage Station Fields next to Charlotte Wood Middle School or at Greenbrook Elementary school.

Q. Is training provided to new umpires?

Yes. A Rules Clinic and a Beginning Mechanics Clinic are required prior to qualifying as an umpire.

Q. How many games do I have to umpire?

You chose how many from a published schedule on this website. Sometimes there are limits to the number of games you can do. When this happens it will be communicated to you.

Q. Can I umpire for Danville Little League if I live outside the League boundaries?


Q. Can I umpire for other leagues and organizations also?


Q. Does DLL supply my uniform and protective gear?

We supply the Shirt, Hat and (shared) protective equipment which is located inside a bin at each field. You supply the rest.

Q. Who runs Danville Little League?

The league is run almost entirely by parent volunteers.

Q. When is the playing season?

The playing season is March to mid June. Post-season tournaments are in June and July. The Little League World Series is in August.

Q.  What Should I Do If It's Been Raining And The Games May Be Cancelled?

If it's been raining and the fields are wet, there's a good chance the games will be cancelled.  Umpires are instructed to call the Danville Sports Field Information line at (925) 314-3484 to see whether the fields are open.  If the fields are open the games will be played.  The Sports Field Information line is updated by noon on weekdays and by 7 am on weekends.

If the Sports Field Information line states the fields are closed in advance of the game start time, and you show up to the fields, you will receive no pay.  

If the Sports Field Information line states the fields are open in advance of the game start time, and you show up to the field and the game is cancelled at the field before the game starts, you will receive $10 "show up" pay.  

You will receive partial pay if the game is started but gets suspended while in progress. 

Q. What Are the Rules About Un-Assigning Yourself From A Game?

If it is more than 2 days before the game just unassign yourself the same way you signed up for it and the assignment will become available to the other qualified umpires. If it is 2 days or less please send an email notification to and text or leave a message at his mobile phone at (510)385-4039

Q. What Do I Do If I Have A Last Minute Emergency and Can't Show Up?

If there is less than 2 day's notice, you MUST call the Umpire Director to discuss arrangements. BEFORE CALLING, please try to arrange your own substitute.

Q. I'm having trouble with the website, who do I contact?

Please contact .

Q.Who can I contact for more information?

Umpire Director: .

Q. Where can I find information about other Little Leagues in this area?

Between Alamo and Livermore all Little Leagues, including Danville, are  part of Little League CA District 57