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Congratulations 2022 AA Teams
by posted 01/29/2022

Rangers   Royals   Orioles   Dodgers  
Poppenhusen   Brown   Festa   Sullivan  
Adams Will Brown Nolan Brotherson Callum Bivol Luca
Chang Marcus Cannon Kace Burke Luke Guzman Emilio
Croghan Kade Carrigg Carter Diemidio Trey Lee Matthew
Dunn Rhys Graupmann Eli Festa Rocco Pennell Lyndon
Miller Landon Johnson Jack Freudenberger Ryder Ross Carter
Nakano Dylan LaBas Lane Graft William Selway Colin
O'Hagan Connor Liberatore Ty Hirst Kyle Sentinella Theodore
Pangilinan Jackson Mogannam Nimer Hunte Zion Spalasso Branson
Peterson Zach Pesce Jonny Krhoun Davis Sullivan Christopher
Poppenhusen Connor Pesce Jake Larson Luke Tripaldi Luke
Robinson Evan Sebree Jake Stadelhofer Jackson Vo Emerson
Wenzel Dylan Sullivan James Walsh Rocky Wehrman Will
Astros   Dbacks   Mets      
Baker   Rossi   McDermott      
Andres Zackary Burris Maddox Cummings Brayden    
Baker Harrison Clary Brendan Drozdowitz Benek    
Colliss Mason Cuevas Maximiliano Dumitrescu Jackson    
Diemidio Parker Enright Robbie Ekstrum Cody    
Heinze Jacob Jones Grayson Esch Beckett    
Kirst Patrick McDonald Brayden Macdonald Tyson    
Lewis Calvin Morgan Rock McDermott Gavin    
Marquez Joshua Rossi Franco Oldenburg Parker    
Norrett Brendan Siler Kade Schreiber Griffin    
Richardson Owen Siler Nash Schwab William    
Ruiz Nate Steinbach Boden Shelton Luke    
Shue Braeden Wendt Wilson Winbury Joshua    
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Congratulations 2022 AAA Teams
by posted 01/26/2022

Pirates   Marlins   White Sox   Rockies   Guardians      Braves  
Fitzgibbon   Ekstrum   Hansen   Jern   Moylan   McMillan  
Anderson Carter Bousfield Bennett Beltramo Luke Beck Owen Alberti Jackson Barks Daniel
Barker Matthew Burris Xon Bessieres Craig Botsford Bryce Edson Wyatt Bride Finn
Choi Dean Coday Wyatt Cardillo Caleb Garduno Grant Freeman Ronan Hirschhorn Eli
Fanelli James Eberly Elijah Cooley Chase Geraghty Benjamin Kenny Aadi Lee Gunnar
Fitzgibbon Griffin Ekstrum Ryder Corbett Johnny Heinze Alexander Manter Liam Maloney Connor
Foseid Bennett Estrada Luke Drozdowicz Matteus Kellogg Jack McLean Charlie McCorduck Callan
Gardea Everett Henzi Jacob Hansen Jack Kirsch Declan Moylan Connor McMillan Cj
Jones Connor Hoffman Miles Quane Andrew Jern Sawyer Nichols-Marcy Julian Miller William
Kimbrough Jack Insley Oliver Regelmann Weston Lazarus Easton Pollicove Max Sartipi Keenan
Krause George Joslin Levi Sargent Logan Ludwig Justin Readler Brady Schechter Will
Sekera Mason Ross Brayden Steinberger Nikolas Pak Oliver Recktenwald Matthias Weitzel Cooper
Tu Derric Ryan Jackson Zheng Daniel Schiller James Wierzbinski Alexander Williamson Trevor
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Congratulations 2022 Majors Teams
by posted 01/25/2022

Yankees   Phillies   Red Sox   Cubs
Manager: Mario Iglesias   Manager: Dave Walters   Manager: Dave Gehrke   Manager: Shaun Moylan
Lucas Barrere   Adoni Barbata   Jackson Baker   Blake Billingsley
Jason Craw   Ethan Boquiren   Matteo Beltramo   Owen Clark
Charles Dumitrescu   Grayson Carper   Jake Gehrke   Bowen Cooper
Dylan Duoss   Jackson Coakley   Finn Hegarty   Kolten Croghan
Brady Gagnon   Connor Emig   Josiah Hunte   Connor  Fedun
Atticus Graft   Aidan Felardo   Noah Leimer   Jackson Jern
Jaxon Iglesias   AJ Felardo   Jake Panagotacos   Gavin Kropp
Bryce Jolly   Evan Hirst   Jake Rau   Logan Martinez
Miles Lee   Colin Schreiber   Sean Rau   Cavan Moylan
Baron Miller   Quentin Thompson   Brayden Rosenblatt   Ryder Reynolds
Marcos Rodriguez   Asher Walker   Brody Savage   Jaden Selha
Henry Weeks   Tristan Walters   Rylan Zeiszler   Bennett Symons
Angels   Giants   A's   Cardinals
Manager: Chris LeGuluche   Manager: Corey Fitzgibbon   Manager: John Roveda   Manager: Chris Botsford
Charlie Bell   Bryce Carlberg   Wyatt Ball   Chase  Botsford
Max Bellig   Fletcher Descombaz   Finnegan Brannon   Tyler Costello
Henry Edson   Noah Dunn   Colin Ellery   Russell Crane
Wyatt Foster   Colton Fitzgibbon   Owen Forgham   Cody Gerace
James Gamaza   Michael Jones   Hunter Freudenberger   Parker Krhoun
Liam Ibarra   Andrew Gustafson   Elliot Granados   Leyland Martins
Kyle LeGuluche   Alexander Russell   Jacob McMullen   Colby Morris
Joey Lyons   Colin Schmiegel   Sam Pascoe   Miles Orman
Charlie O'Hagan   Augie Senn   Nicholas Roveda   Caleb Peterson
Carl Peterson   Finn Senn   Owen Schechter   Hank Petteys
Ethan Shelton   Logan Strong   Chase Sheffield   Riley Reynolds
Alejandro Soria   Justin Treichler   Carter Spatz   Colton Sullivan
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2022 Registration Updates
by posted 11/02/2021

Good Afternoon DLL Families

Our Registration for 2022 players League Age 8, League Age 13-16, Managers/Coaches as well as League Sponsors is now open! 

Please visit our registration page to complete registration! We are very excited to be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Danville Little League in 2022! We have a lot planned for this milestone season! 

We will open registration for players League Age 4-7 February 1st .

Adult and Youth (League Age 12-17) Umpire registration is open. Please check out the Umpire tab for inportant training info. 

Please email me if you have any questions! 

Thank you and stay well! Looking forward to a great 50th Season!

Cyndee Ragan

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Monthly Members Meeting - Tuesday 3/8/22 - 7:30pm
by posted 09/25/2021

Please join us Tuesday, April 12th at 8:00pm for our Monthly Members Meeting.

Zoom Link: 

All are welcome!

Monthly Meetings are generally held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

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The Little League Season is Over, but Let’s Keep Baseball Going
by posted 08/11/2021

Danville Little League Players, Parents, and Coaches:
It was great to return to Osage Park where we got to see all your smiling faces, the lines at the snack shack, and most importantly baseball games being played after more than a year hiatus. It was an amazing season reuniting with teammates, coaches, and friends. Unfortunately, as all baseball seasons seem to do, it went by too fast and the Danville Little League regular season and postseason has officially come to an end.
Still have that baseball itch? Don’t worry, Talkin’ Baseball, Danville’s go-to spot for sports cards and memorabilia, will help keep the baseball magic alive! We have a wide selection of baseball singles, packs, and boxes available all year long. If baseball isn't the only sport you collect, we also carry plenty of basketball, football, soccer, Formula 1, and even Pokémon options!
In addition, we can special order almost any product that you are looking for. Just ask! 
Come visit us at 103M Town and Country Drive in Danville. We’re open on Saturdays from 10am - 5pm and Sundays from 11am - 4pm. 
Finally, we are proud to announce that Talkin’ Baseball will be a sponsor of DLL next year. Be on the lookout for more details and surprises to come. We can’t wait to see you in the store and out on the fields next year!
Nate Ware
Talkin’ Baseball
(925) 743 - 9922
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2021 Dana Takiguchi Memorial Tournament
by posted 07/14/2021


Danville Little League and the Takiguchi family welcome you to the first annual Dana Takiguchi Memorial Tournament which starts Saturday 7/17 at Osage Park.  Here you can find tournament overview and rules and the schedule.  End of day tournament results and A bracket will be posted on this website throughout the weekend and week.  Live game scores will be available on Gamechanger.


Final A seeds for bracket play are as follows.  B division pool play continues on Monday and Tuesday.

1. GLL A (3-0)

2. SRVLL A (2-1, 13 runs allowed)

3. TVLL A (2-1)

4. CCLL A (1-2, won head to head vs LLL A)

5. LLL A (1-2)

6. DUB A (0-3)


If you have questions, contact:

• Brent Johnson, Tournament Director, 510-385-4039

• Cyndee Ragan, DLL Information Officer, 925-323-3571

• Kevin Salmon, DLL President, 510-913-5583


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2021 Brett Slinger Memorial Tournament
by posted 07/08/2021

Danville Little League and the Slinger family welcome you to the annual Brett Slinger Memorial Tournament which starts Saturday 7/10 at Osage Park.  Here you can find tournament overview and rules and the schedule.  End of day results, A bracket, and B bracket will be posted on this website throughout the weekend and week.  Live game scores will be available on Gamechanger.

Final seeds after weekend pool play:


A Division

1. GLL A (2-1, 13 runs against)
2. DUB A (2-1, 14 run differential)
3. PLL A (2-1)
4. DANV B (1-2, 22 runs against)
5. LLL A (1-2, 24 runs against)
6. CCLL A (1-2)


B Division

1. PLL B (3-0)
2. TVLL B (2-1)
3. DUB B (1-2, 14 runs against)
4. GLL B2 (1-2, 24 runs against)
5. GLL B1 (1-2, 32 runs against)
6. CCLL B (1-2)

If you have questions, contact:

• Brent Johnson, Tournament Director, 510-385-4039

• Cyndee Ragan, DLL Information Officer, 925-323-3571

• Kevin Salmon, DLL President, 510-913-5583

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2021 Chachi Corral Memorial Tournament
by posted 06/27/2021

Danville Little League and the Corral family welcome you to the 9th annual Chachi Corral Memorial Tournament which starts Saturday 7/3 at Osage Park.  Here you can find tournament overview and rules and the scheduleEnd of day results and B bracket will be posted on this website throughout the weekend and week.  Live game scores will be available on Gamechanger.


A division pool play continues through Wednesday.  B seeds are as follows with bracket play beginning Tuesday 7/6.

1.  DANV B (2-0-1, 20 runs against tiebreaker)

2.  LLL B (2-0-1)

3.  LAF B (1-2)

4.  DUB B (0-3)


If you have questions, contact:

Brent Johnson, Tournament Director, 510-385-4039
Cyndee Ragan, DLL Information Officer, 925-323-3571
Kevin Salmon, DLL President, 510-913-5583
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Congratulations 2020 Teams!
by posted 02/28/2020

2020 Majors
Angels   Astros   Athletics   Cardinals
Manager: Chris LeGuluche   Manager: Andy Hill   Manager: Michael McMillan   Manager: Matt Hill
Joshua Chao   Nicholas Carlson   Silas Auch   Chase Barnes
Nate Costa   Andrew Chang   William Bracken   Luke Beckham
Anthony DeVito   Dylan Choi   Gavin Carney   Zach Facchetti
Luke Ibrahim   Braydon Fong   Brent Del Barrio   Mikey Hansen
Isaac Kellner   Charlie Hill   Jessie Golding   Jack Hill
Tyler Knox   Luke Recktenwald   Braden Howard   Davis Lynch
CJ LeGuluche   Spencer Reiland   Ken Jolley   Andrew Neach
Chase Mahler   Brett Sadur   Gavin McMillan   Jameson Parlett
Jared Randall   Tyler Towse   Owen Power   Alexander Paine
Dylan Rogers   Evan Wolf   Hagop Soghomonian   Preston Pera
Preston Spalasso   Joseph Young   Colin Swobe   Chase Reynolds
Ashton Walker   Michael Yribarren   Ryan Tong   Trevor Sinclair
Cubs   Giants   Phillies   Red Sox
Manager: Jeff Frankel   Manager: Grant Donesley   Manager: Rodelo Emett   Manager: David Gehrke
Nicholas Frankel   Ryan Chambers   Logan Alm   Simon Angstenberger
Drew Geertsen   Grant Dempster   Holden Cordeiro   A.J. Beck
Ryder King   Harrison Donesley   Grady Emett   Dario Boban
Liam Moxley   Jack Fulton   Bruce Enns   Kyle Domde
Nyle Nuckols   Harris Furminger   Kayvon Foreman   Charlie Feaver
Nicholas Parker   Baxter Horne   Asher Gates   Ryan Gehrke
Owen Pulsifer   Clay Koontz   Elias Heebner   Balian Miller
Quinn Rice   Max Lianides   Parker Kehrig   Sean Mullen
Tom Talbot   Gavin McGredy   Chase McKenna   Dylan Park
Cameron Velthoen   Jack Roberts   Davison Morris   Cooper Pettigrew
Nate Woolery   Seth Shelton   Ethan Nakano   Will Rau
Bryson Zeiszler   Michael Silveira   James Salinas   Harrison Wisotsky
2020 AAA      
Athletics   Cardinals   Cubs      
Manager: Rosenblatt   Manager: Fitzgibbon   Manager: Costello      
Oliver Beaver   Bryce Carlberg   Jackson Baker      
Matteo Beltramo   Noah Edelstone   Tyler Costello      
Joshua Fortayon   Henry Edson   Noah Dunn      
Hunter Freudenberger   Colton Fitzgibbon   Connor Emig      
Joey Lyons   Gavin Goforth   Connor Farrell      
Tanner Manzo   Evan Hirst   Aidan Felardo      
Brayden Rosenblatt   Michael Jones   Aj Felardo      
Alexander Russell   Eli Kroshner   Preston Fero      
Owen Schechter   Charlie O'Hagan   Jackson Jern      
Colin Schmiegel   Ryder Reynolds   James Logue IV      
Oliver Snapp   Henry Weeks   Cavan Moylan      
Jack Weymouth   Andrew Whiteneck   Colton Sullivan      
Giants   Red Sox   Royals      
Manager: Bellig   Manager: Crane   Manager: Gehrke      
Wyatt Ball   Austin Alberti   Joshua Andres      
Max Bellig   Adoni Barbata   Madden Casson      
Emmett Borg   Lucas Barrere   Nolan Cranford      
Chase Botsford   Russell Crane   Jake Gehrke      
Tyler Clark   Kolten Croghan   Kingston Hushyar      
Charles Dumitrescu   Dylan Cucchiaro   Parker Krhoun      
Thomas Eldridge   James Gamaza   Leyland Martins      
Kai Kicherer   Cody Gerace   Chase Paterson      
Jacob McMullen   Finn Hegarty   Hank Petteys      
Justin Treichler   Bryce Jolly   Jake Rau      
Evan  Varise   Logan Strong   Sean Rau      
Asher Walker   Maxwell Trevaskis   Tristan Walters      
2020 AA      
Athletics   Athletics   Athletics      
Manager: Alberti   Manager: Bell   Manager: Hoffman      
Jackson Alberti   Charlie Bell   Owen Clark      
Finnegan Brannon   Maksim Chapman   Connor Fedun      
Grayson Carper   Joseph Figueira   Elliot Granados      
Eli Cohen   Bennett Foseid   Alexander Heinze      
Nate Facchetti   Atticus Graft   Miles Hoffman      
Charlie Krause   Sammy Ibrahim   Jaxon Iglesias      
Noah Negherbon   Miles Lee   Grayson Jones      
Riley Reynolds   Baron Miller   Kyle LeGuluche      
Marcos Rodriguez   Miles Orman   Zachary Merideth      
Chase Sheffield   Asher Perona   Ryan Nichols      
Bennett Symons   Blake Philpott   Logan Sargent      
Rylan Zeiszler   Colin Schreiber   Sam  Stratton      
Athletics   Athletics   Athletics      
Manager: Lukrich   Manager: McGredy   Manager: Roveda      
Daniel Ballif   Grey Brinton   Bowen Cooper      
Ethan Boquiren   Brendan Devlin   Nathan Hix      
Wyatt Foster   Dylan Duoss   Liam Ibarra      
Hudson Hall   Blair Forrester   Jack Kellogg      
Dj Lukrich   Evan Gilkey   Maccoy Kelly      
Colby Morris   Andrew Gustafson   Connor Koontz      
Nicholas Pang   Sterling McGredy   Noah Leimer      
Caleb Peterson   William Miller   William Maguire      
Brody Savage   Kellan Pera   Sam Pascoe      
Augie Senn   Ethan Shelton   Nicholas Roveda      
Finn Senn   Sawyer Welch   Emery Stigler      
Jackson Willford   Wesley Zavattero   Ryan Vargas      
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Snack Shack Now Accepting Credit Cards
by posted 04/03/2016

DLL Families


We are happy to inform you that the DLL Snack Shack, located at Osage Park, is now accepting credit cards for your purchases of $5 or greater.  We hope you enjoy this added convenience when you are out enjoying your baseball games!


Play Ball!!

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