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Danville, California
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STATE CHAMPIONS Danville Little League 11U 


The Danville Little League 11U All Star Team emerged victorious in the 2023 State Championship games held in Napa, California this summer, defeating Quinto-Saratoga with a final score of 8-2. The cheers of fans reverberated throughout the stadium as the young athletes showcased their talent, heart, and teamwork on the diamond. Prior to winning State, the team went undefeated in District 57 and battled to win the Northern California Sectional Championship game against San Mateo. 


Manager Shaun Moylan, along with Coaches Ryan Hansen and Corey Fitzgibbon, stood at the helm of a team they recognized as truly special from the outset. Their belief in the players' potential and their ability to come together as a cohesive unit proved to be the driving force behind the team's success.


Pitchers Gunnar Lee, Liam Manter, Brayden Ross proved to be an indomitable force on the mound, consistently delivering excellent performances. Their precision, speed, and control were key components of Danville's path to victory. Connor Jones, Jack Hansen, Owen Beck, Bryce Botsford, and Connor Moylan were also pitching assets to the team. 


In addition, Danville had several memorable offensive moments including home runs delivered by Owen Beck, Alex Wierzbinski, and George Krause that added crucial runs to the scoreboard. Throughout the summer the stands continued to flood with enthusiastic fans whose support created an energetic atmosphere that helped fuel the team's motivation and drive. 


The triumph of this Danville 11U All Star Team was a collective effort, with EVERY player contributing. Each teammate understood their role and responsibilities, and their ability to come together and execute on the field was a sight to behold. The full roster; Alex Wierzbinski, Brayden Ross, Bryce Botsford, Connor Jones, Connor Moylan, George Krause, Griffin Fitzgibbon, Gunnar Lee, Jack Hansen, Keenan Sartipi, Liam Manter, Owen Beck, and Xon Burris are a group of young athletes who serve as a testament to the power of teamwork and dedication. 


Congratulations to the Danville Little League 11U All Star Team for your achievements winning the State Championship and the mark you just left on the world of youth baseball.

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