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How Danville Little League Handles Sibling Requests:

If you have more than one child playing and their league ages are the same, it is possible that they may be placed on the same team. There are options afforded families that have more than one child playing little league. It is the league’s desire to try to accommodate those families as much as possible. 
There are two possible scenarios. The first pertains to a returning major’s division player. If that player has a sibling eligible for the major’s draft, if desired, a manager shall submit an option in writing on a draftee if the player candidate’s sibling is a member of that manager’s team. If such an option is submitted, the manager must draft the sibling within the first three rounds of the draft selections. The other possible scenario is when there are two or more siblings in the draft. During the draft process, should the manager draft a brother or sister he automatically has an option to draft the other sibling on his next turn. If the manager does not exercise the option, the second sibling is then available to be drafted by any team. 
We will try to honor requests to have siblings play on the same team. This could, however, affect the division the players participate in. This is an important consideration when requesting siblings play on the same team.
Should you wish to be considered for the above options, please email the
Player Agent at   or 
. All requests must go through the player agent, do not contact coaches directly. Deadline for sibling options requests is due 3 days prior to your age groups draft or 3 days prior to non-drafted team formation.