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Below is a list of frequently asked questions Danville Little League (“DLL”) receives from our first year parents.  This FAQ is specifically geared towards our T-Ball (league age 5) and Rookie (league age 6) divisions. 

Q:  I’m not sure if my son/daughter is old enough to play, how can I find out more information? 


Q:  I’m not sure if my son/daughter should play in Tassajara Valley, San Ramon Valley or San Ramon’s Little League.  Where can I find a map on DLL’s boundary?


Q:  What are the objectives for the T-Ball and Rookie Divisions?

A:  The T-Ball Division is required for all league age 5 players.  This is an introductory division focused on instruction where players hit off a tee rather than a pitched ball.  Soft, Reduced Injury Factor (RIF) balls are used for safety.  No scores are kept.  Every offensive player bats each inning regardless of outs and no player sits on defense. Players are taught the basic fundamentals of baseball including throwing, catching, batting, defensive ready position, base running, and teamwork.

The Rookie Division is designed to transition players from tee ball to coach pitch play.  This is an instructional division for six year old players who will hit "live" Reduced Injury Factor (RIF) balls pitched by their own coach from a short distance with a tee being used to assist players who struggle to hit a live pitch.  No scores are kept and every offensive player bats each inning regardless of outs.  On defense each team will have ten defensive positions.  In addition to the change in batting format the fundamentals of baseball are reinforced and players are introduced to additional aspects of the game.

DLL does not allow players to play up a level (e.g., league age 5 playing in Rookie (league age 6).

Q:  How do I become a manager/coach for my child? 

A:  From the league’s homepage, click the “Register Online” link and scroll down to the coach registration section.  Follow the two step process outlined there which involves completing the online form and submitting a copy of your driver’s license so we can do a background check.  Obviously, you will be assigned to the same team your son/daughter player on. 

Q:  I don’t know much about coaching.  Does the league provide training for coaches at the T-Ball & Rookie levels?

A:  Yes.  DLL provides training for all levels of coaches (from T-Ball through Majors). 

Q:  How many managers/coaches are assigned to a team? Can I request to coach with certain individuals?

A:  For T-Ball & Rookie, we assign one manager and two assistant coaches for each team.  Yes, we encourage you to coach with others that you know.  This is the best way to guarantee your son/daughter’s friend(s) will be on the same team.

Q:  How are the players assigned to teams?  Can I request to be on a certain team or play with specific players?

A:  For T-Ball and Rookie divisions, we generally assign teams based on your son/daughter’s school and neighborhood.  The only requests that are guaranteed are for those parents that volunteer to manage/coach a team. 

Q:  When do I find out who will manager/coach my child? 

A:  Team rosters are finalized and distributed to the coaches in early March.  You will be contacted by your coach approximately one week before the first team practice which will happen in mid-March.

Q:  When does the season start?

A:  Each T-Ball and Rookie team will have several team practices in late March and early April.   Practices times are assigned to each team.  Most are held at Osage Park.

Q:  How many games will my child play during the season?  Where are the games played?

A:  Teams will typically have two games per week (one weekday and one Saturday) each week between spring break and the end of the school year in early June.  All T-Ball and Rookie games are played at Osage Park.  The T-Ball field is in the northwest corner of the park near the playground.  The Rookie field is closest to the snack shack on the north side of the park. 

Q:  What equipment will the league provide and what should I purchase for my son/daughter? 

A:  The league provides most of the necessary equipment (e.g., jersey, team hat, bats, catchers gear, baseballs, batting tees).  You’ll want to get your child his/her own glove.  You may wish to get a helmet for your child, but the league will provide a few for the team.  The team manager will provide you the colors of the team’s uniform (i.e. pants, socks, undershirt, belt, etc.) that will need to be purchased. 

Q:  I own a business or work for a business that would like sponsor my child’s team.  Where can I get more information on sponsorship? 

A:  League and team sponsorship details can be found here:  In addition to financial sponsorship, there are many opportunities to volunteer for team and league events throughout the season.

Q:  Who do I contact to see if my child’s game is “rained out”? 

A:  The town of Danville’s rain hotline is 925-314-3484.  Postponed games may be rescheduled by the impacted coaches and the division director.

Q:  I still have questions about the T-Ball and Rookie Divisions.  Who can I contact?