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by posted 07/27/2020

2021 Danville Upper Division Gold Tryouts – Respond by 7/18

We are very excited to present the details for our 2021 Upper Division Gold Program. The strengthened program will focus on high level baseball players coming out of our local 12U/Majors division and includes programs for players through 16U.  The program will offer player development and competitive play as athletes transition from Little League to a High School athletic environment.  

The Gold program is intended for highly committed 13U, 14U and 15U/16U players with appropriate skill level to develop, practice and play at a high level.  Targeted players for the Gold program are generally District or high performing tournament players. Athletes from Danville, San Ramon Valley and Tassajara Valley Little Leagues are invited to participate as well as players that have participated in other competitive baseball programs and reside or attend school in the appropriate league boundary.  

The recreational House program for players 13U, 14U & 15U/16U will run in parallel, with a less intense schedule perfect for players with other activities.  Assessments for the spring 2021 season will be in the winter with games March - May.   More details on this program will be available in the fall.

All Gold level players will participate in consistent professional training led by TPD BASEBALL along with a complete game schedule March - May.  Development will include advanced technique, skill acquisition, movement patterns, mobility, and motor skills that are necessary to succeed at the next level.  Team workouts will be organized and efficient while offering a relaxed and fun learning environment.  We will deliver competitive games played locally for Gold Players so they are prepared for international competition, high school baseball, and beyond.

All Gold Division players will be eligible for SUMMER ALL STAR selection.  The Selected 13U All Star team will have the opportunity to advance to the INTERMEDIATE DIVISION WORLD SERIES TO BE HELD IN LIVERMORE which will be televised on ESPN. As in Majors & below, managers for the ALL STAR teams will be selected in late spring and player rosters will be announced by June 1.  Player selection will be based predominantly on player performance during the regular Spring season.  

The 14U & 15U/16U All Star teams will also pursue District, Section, State & Regional Tourneys on the way to the Juniors (14U) & Seniors (15U/16U) World Series.

Action Items for those wanting consideration for the Gold program:

  1. Tell us you’re coming by Saturday 7/18  Click here to register! 

  2. A follow up email with additional detail will come to those players that register for the tryout.

  3. Attend Tryouts:

13U Have been completed.

14U will be Wednesday, August 12.

15U/16U Gold tryouts will be held in late winter.  

Meet TPD Baseball:

Steve Friend - 29 years as Head Coach at Chabot College in Hayward.  Steve is nationally recognized for his highly successful program and for helping develop and promote players to the college and pro ranks.  Danville Little League Alumni & SF Giants World Champion, Nate Schierholtz, is one of many talented players to have learned from Coach Friend.  Brady Raggio, Tony Festa, and Tim Gilhooly took similar paths through DLL, SRV, and Chabot to college & the pros.  Steve played collegiately for Chabot College and San Jose State University.

Adam Ricks - local product that spent 14 years as a player and coach in the Chicago White Sox organization, including 6 years on the MLB staff.  Coach Ricks has a team first mentality evidenced by a PONY & American Legion World Series Championship; NCS Title; two CA Community College Final Fours; and two College World Series appearances with the Miami Hurricanes.  Adam is a volunteer coach at SRVHS in the fall. 

Luke Cherry - former Kinston HS (NC) Varsity Coach and Tampa Bay Rays Associate Scout before moving back home to run development programs for the Danville Hoots and Mike Murphy Baseball.  Two sport athlete at SRVHS and NCS Baseball Player of the Year.  Luke was an All-American under Coach Friend at Chabot College before making two regional appearances as the SS for the East Carolina Pirates.  Coach Cherry also volunteers at SRVHS. 

The TPD Staff embraces transparency and the sharing of information to build trust throughout our organization.  The Gold Program will be a collaboration that involves our dedicated coaches and parent volunteers.  Teams should expect development and team practices in January and February and then a full schedule of 3 games per week + development and team practices from March-May.  

Player selection for the Gold program will occur shortly after tryouts and teams will be formed in the fall/winter. Program costs will include DLL fees, development costs and team specific coaching/training anticipated to total approximately $1,750 for the January-May program.  Final costs and timing of payments will be outlined for families at the time of player selection. 

It is also expected that GOLD players will have the opportunity to work with TPD in a FALL PLAYER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM from September – November 2020. Details to follow.  We support multi-sport athletes, and players will NOT be penalized for not participating in the optional Fall program. 


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Congratulations 2020 Teams!
by posted 02/28/2020

2020 Majors
Angels   Astros   Athletics   Cardinals
Manager: Chris LeGuluche   Manager: Andy Hill   Manager: Michael McMillan   Manager: Matt Hill
Joshua Chao   Nicholas Carlson   Silas Auch   Chase Barnes
Nate Costa   Andrew Chang   William Bracken   Luke Beckham
Anthony DeVito   Dylan Choi   Gavin Carney   Zach Facchetti
Luke Ibrahim   Braydon Fong   Brent Del Barrio   Mikey Hansen
Isaac Kellner   Charlie Hill   Jessie Golding   Jack Hill
Tyler Knox   Luke Recktenwald   Braden Howard   Davis Lynch
CJ LeGuluche   Spencer Reiland   Ken Jolley   Andrew Neach
Chase Mahler   Brett Sadur   Gavin McMillan   Jameson Parlett
Jared Randall   Tyler Towse   Owen Power   Alexander Paine
Dylan Rogers   Evan Wolf   Hagop Soghomonian   Preston Pera
Preston Spalasso   Joseph Young   Colin Swobe   Chase Reynolds
Ashton Walker   Michael Yribarren   Ryan Tong   Trevor Sinclair
Cubs   Giants   Phillies   Red Sox
Manager: Jeff Frankel   Manager: Grant Donesley   Manager: Rodelo Emett   Manager: David Gehrke
Nicholas Frankel   Ryan Chambers   Logan Alm   Simon Angstenberger
Drew Geertsen   Grant Dempster   Holden Cordeiro   A.J. Beck
Ryder King   Harrison Donesley   Grady Emett   Dario Boban
Liam Moxley   Jack Fulton   Bruce Enns   Kyle Domde
Nyle Nuckols   Harris Furminger   Kayvon Foreman   Charlie Feaver
Nicholas Parker   Baxter Horne   Asher Gates   Ryan Gehrke
Owen Pulsifer   Clay Koontz   Elias Heebner   Balian Miller
Quinn Rice   Max Lianides   Parker Kehrig   Sean Mullen
Tom Talbot   Gavin McGredy   Chase McKenna   Dylan Park
Cameron Velthoen   Jack Roberts   Davison Morris   Cooper Pettigrew
Nate Woolery   Seth Shelton   Ethan Nakano   Will Rau
Bryson Zeiszler   Michael Silveira   James Salinas   Harrison Wisotsky
2020 AAA      
Athletics   Cardinals   Cubs      
Manager: Rosenblatt   Manager: Fitzgibbon   Manager: Costello      
Oliver Beaver   Bryce Carlberg   Jackson Baker      
Matteo Beltramo   Noah Edelstone   Tyler Costello      
Joshua Fortayon   Henry Edson   Noah Dunn      
Hunter Freudenberger   Colton Fitzgibbon   Connor Emig      
Joey Lyons   Gavin Goforth   Connor Farrell      
Tanner Manzo   Evan Hirst   Aidan Felardo      
Brayden Rosenblatt   Michael Jones   Aj Felardo      
Alexander Russell   Eli Kroshner   Preston Fero      
Owen Schechter   Charlie O'Hagan   Jackson Jern      
Colin Schmiegel   Ryder Reynolds   James Logue IV      
Oliver Snapp   Henry Weeks   Cavan Moylan      
Jack Weymouth   Andrew Whiteneck   Colton Sullivan      
Giants   Red Sox   Royals      
Manager: Bellig   Manager: Crane   Manager: Gehrke      
Wyatt Ball   Austin Alberti   Joshua Andres      
Max Bellig   Adoni Barbata   Madden Casson      
Emmett Borg   Lucas Barrere   Nolan Cranford      
Chase Botsford   Russell Crane   Jake Gehrke      
Tyler Clark   Kolten Croghan   Kingston Hushyar      
Charles Dumitrescu   Dylan Cucchiaro   Parker Krhoun      
Thomas Eldridge   James Gamaza   Leyland Martins      
Kai Kicherer   Cody Gerace   Chase Paterson      
Jacob McMullen   Finn Hegarty   Hank Petteys      
Justin Treichler   Bryce Jolly   Jake Rau      
Evan  Varise   Logan Strong   Sean Rau      
Asher Walker   Maxwell Trevaskis   Tristan Walters      
2020 AA      
Athletics   Athletics   Athletics      
Manager: Alberti   Manager: Bell   Manager: Hoffman      
Jackson Alberti   Charlie Bell   Owen Clark      
Finnegan Brannon   Maksim Chapman   Connor Fedun      
Grayson Carper   Joseph Figueira   Elliot Granados      
Eli Cohen   Bennett Foseid   Alexander Heinze      
Nate Facchetti   Atticus Graft   Miles Hoffman      
Charlie Krause   Sammy Ibrahim   Jaxon Iglesias      
Noah Negherbon   Miles Lee   Grayson Jones      
Riley Reynolds   Baron Miller   Kyle LeGuluche      
Marcos Rodriguez   Miles Orman   Zachary Merideth      
Chase Sheffield   Asher Perona   Ryan Nichols      
Bennett Symons   Blake Philpott   Logan Sargent      
Rylan Zeiszler   Colin Schreiber   Sam  Stratton      
Athletics   Athletics   Athletics      
Manager: Lukrich   Manager: McGredy   Manager: Roveda      
Daniel Ballif   Grey Brinton   Bowen Cooper      
Ethan Boquiren   Brendan Devlin   Nathan Hix      
Wyatt Foster   Dylan Duoss   Liam Ibarra      
Hudson Hall   Blair Forrester   Jack Kellogg      
Dj Lukrich   Evan Gilkey   Maccoy Kelly      
Colby Morris   Andrew Gustafson   Connor Koontz      
Nicholas Pang   Sterling McGredy   Noah Leimer      
Caleb Peterson   William Miller   William Maguire      
Brody Savage   Kellan Pera   Sam Pascoe      
Augie Senn   Ethan Shelton   Nicholas Roveda      
Finn Senn   Sawyer Welch   Emery Stigler      
Jackson Willford   Wesley Zavattero   Ryan Vargas      
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DLL AnnualMeeting/Election 8/27/19 7:00pm
by posted 05/10/2019

Our Annual Meeting/Election will be held Tuesday, 8/27/19 7:00pm, Sycamore Southside Clubhouse.

All are welcome!

*Monthly Members Meetings are generally on the second Tuesday of the Month

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by posted 03/02/2019


Angels   Astros   Athletics
Manager: Chad Power   Manager: Lew Carpenter   Manager: Randy Strope
Parker Abramowitz   Tommy Carpenter   Andrew Anderson
Tanner Armando   Dylan Choi   Silas Auch
Anthony Figueira   Jason Doyle   Dylan Deitsch
Brad Laird   Charlie Hill   Max Fielding
Rylan Power   Owen Morgan   Alex Keery
Jared Randall   Jacob Pancoast   Alejandro Rodriguez
Dylan Rogers   Jack Pohlman   Mason Strope
Preston Spalasso   Spencer Reiland   Colin Swobe
Joshua Tipton   Tyler Towse   RJ Thomas
Ashton Walker   Preston Turner   Ryan Tong
Reece Zaitz   Michael Yribarren   Jake Tsunemoto
Ken Zheng   Jack Yribarren   Joshua Werner
Cardinals   Cubs   Giants
Manager: Mark Pleis   Manager: Jeff Frankel   Manager: Tony Stefani
Connor Bogdan   Dominic Camera   Benjamin Cerruti
Nate Chang   Troy DeSimas   Grant Dempster
Evan Clutter   Nicholas Frankel   Harrison Donesley
Mikey Hansen   Noah Houston   Henry Ellis
Joe Hegarty   Ryder King   Ryan Golding
Noah Herbek   Austin Kralik   Dylan Ibrahim
Blake Jarvis   Liam Moxley   Braden Knapp
Ethan Ortega   Nicholas Parker   Keagan Lawrence
Kaleb Pleis   Nicholas Patel   Max Lianides
Chase Reynolds   Jack Pustejovsky   Cristiano Maiorana
Tyler Schmiegel   Quinn Rice   Calvin McCall
Ethan Shields   Ryan Starkey   Anthony Stefani
Phillies   Pirates   Red Sox
Manager: Rodelo Emett   Manager: Bill Murphy   Manager: David Gehrke
Daniel Allen   Tj Adlman   Aidan Coleman
Holden Cordeiro   Cal Fogarty   Dominic DeVito
Joseph Decker   Walker French   Dylan Emig
Grady Emett   Spencer Kropp   Luke Garcia
Bruce Enns   Jackson Livesay   Ryan Gehrke
Kayvon Foreman   Benjamin Livesay   Jude Johnson
Beau Haines   Thomas Murphy   Sean Mullen
Connor Judson   Jimmy Rainsford   Lincoln Nicholson
Davison Morris   Aidan Saenz   Will Rau
Kelly Pettigrew   Matthew Silveira   Coby Stewart
Zachary Russell   Ryan Tipton   Verik Wolfe
Jake Wisenor   Harrison Wisotsky   Aaron Yata
Athletics   Cardinals   Cubs
Manager: Ryan McGredy   Manager: Chris Leguluche   Manager: Jason Pera
Braeden Andres   Dario Boban   Simon Angstenberger
Brady Bell   Joshua Chao   A.J. Beck
William Bracken   Nate Costa   Nicholas Carlson
Caeden Cooley   Nathan Flynn   Gavin Carney
Clay Koontz   Harris Furminger   Erik Estipona
Gavin McGredy   Cole Gilkey   Zach Facchetti
Balian Miller   Cj LeGuluche   Braden Howard
Darvin Richmond   Chase Mahler   Parker Kehrig
Jack Roberts   Alexander Paine   Chase McKenna
Gavin Roberts   Cooper Pettigrew   Chase Miller
Flynn Salyapongse   Oliver Snapp   Jonathan Parker
Cameron Velthoen   Tom Talbot   Preston Pera
Giants   Red Sox   Royals
Manager: Michael McMillan   Manager: Matt Hill   Manager: Joe Parlett
Chase Barnes   Andrew Chang   Logan Alm
Tucker Biggs   Brent Del Barrio   Luke Beckham
Eduardo Capdevielle   Jack Fulton   Braydon Fong
Anthony DeVito   Jack Hill   Asher Gates
Kyle Domde   Baxter Horne   Elias Heebner
Charlie Feaver   Davis Lynch   Andrew Neach
Ken Jolley   Ethan Nakano   Jameson Parlett
Ryan McDonnell   Nyle Nuckols   Alexander Peacock
Gavin McMillan   Owen Pulsifer   Brett Sadur
Brenden Perona   Seth Shelton   Dax Silverman
Hagop Soghomonian   Trevor Sinclair   Caaden Silverman
Zane Worth   Noah Slight   Joseph Young
Manager: Corey Fitzgibbon   Manager: Craig Rosenblatt   Manager: David Gehrke
Bryce Carlberg   Madden Casson   Adoni Barbata
Noah Dunn   Mateo Del Arroz   Grayson Christensen
Colton Fitzgibbon   Jaden Fillion   Jake Gehrke
Luke Ibrahim   Gavin Goforth   Finn Hegarty
Michael Jones   Carson Keyes   Camden Inugai
Tanner Manzo   Tyler Knox   Isaac Kellner
Declan O'Connor   Eli Kroshner   Gavin Kropp
Chase Paterson   Joey Lyons   Aidan Murphy
Hank Petteys   Leyland Martins   Dylan Park
Hudson Sharp   Brayden Rosenblatt   Asher Philpott
Colton Sullivan   Colin Schmiegel   Jake Rau
Andrew Whiteneck   Tristan Walters   Sean Rau
Manager: Matt Edson   Manager: Ken Crane   Manager: Brian Botsford
Caleb Allen   Austin Alberti   Matteo Beltramo
Lucas Barrere   Russell Crane   Chase Botsford
Emmett Borg   Rocko Finlinson   Nolan Cranford
Dylan Cucchiaro   Cody Gerace   Kolten Croghan
Henry Edson   Kingston Hushyar   Kai Kicherer
Thomas Eldridge   Brennan Johnson   Parker Krhoun
Preston Fero   Nick Jolley   Sterling McGredy
Hunter Freudenberger   Austin Romero   Jacob McMullen
Evan Hirst   Owen Schechter   Charlie O'Hagan
Jackson Jern   Logan Strong   Sam Pascoe
Bryce Jolly   Henry Weeks   Jake Vinson
Bryson Zeiszler   Evan Wolf   Camden Welch
Manager: Matt Costello            
Tyler Costello            
Connor Emig            
Anthony Felardo            
Aidan Felardo            
Joshua Fortayon            
Jessie Golding            
Cavan Moylan            
Jake Ninekirk            
Ryder Reynolds            
Alexander Russell            
Michael Silveira            
Chase Thenemann            


    SINGLE A    
Manager: Lukrich   Manager: Leimer   Manager: Bell
Bennett Foseid   Niko Brun   Jackson Baker
Elliot Granados   Ashton Claytor   Charlie Bell
Alexander Heinze   Broden Davis   Dylan Duoss
Kevin Kuhl   Matteus Drozdowicz   Joseph Figueira
Dj Lukrich   Cameron Dyer   Wyatt Foster
Will Maguire   Blair Forrester   Atticus Graft
William Miller   Maximillian Kim   Grant Kondo
Kellan Pera   Kyle LeGuluche   Miles Lee
Matthias Recktenwald   Noah Leimer   Blake Philpott
Marcos Rodriguez   Chase Lind   Wyatt Roberts
Brody Savage   Peter Lockhart   Devin Salyapongse
Finn Senn   Riley Reynolds   Brixton Woolery
Augie Senn   Bennett Symons   Daniel Zheng
Manager: Ludwig   Manager: Roveda   Manager: Ballif
Joshua Andres   Aidan Aarts   Daniel Ballif
Ethan Boquiren   Maksim Chapman   Grey Brinton
Connor Fedun   Owen Clark   Colton Casados
Teigan Gates   Bowen Cooper   Brendan Devlin
Miles Hoffman   Nate Facchetti   Nathan Hix
Liam Ibarra   Desmond Hanstke   Sammy Ibrahim
Maccoy Kelly   Aedan Ihara   Asher Mayer
Connor Koontz   Jack Kellogg   Colby Morris
Charlie Krause   Grifyn Myrick   Connor Runfola
Justin Ludwig   Nicholas Roveda   Ethan Shelton
Zachary Merideth   Colin Schreiber   Evan Varise
Ryan Nichols   Emery Stigler   Asa Wachowicz
Nicholas Pang   Pasha Takhtamyshev      
Manager: Alberti   Manager: Peterson   Manager: Latta
Jackson Alberti   Eli Cohen   Mason Ford
Oliver Beaver   Evan Gilkey   Brady Gagnon
Finnegan Brannon   Hudson Hall   Hayden Gagnon
Grayson Carper   Josiah Hunte   James Gamaza
Andrew Gustafson   Jaxon Iglesias   Grayson Jones
Oliver Likar   Benjamin Kline   Nathan Lackner
Baron Miller   Asher Perona   Aadyn Latta
Miles Orman   Caleb Peterson   Alexander Matyas
Sam Stratton   Logan Sargent   Thomas Paine
Charlie Strauch   Peyton Sargent   Henry Schneider
Sawyer Welch   Ayush Sarkar   Chase Sheffield
Trevor Williamson   Niko Steinberger   Justin Treichler
Rylan Zeiszler   Derric Tu   Wesley Zavattero


Farm Divison              
1     2     3  
Cooley     Newton     Estrada  
Cooley Chase   Boitano Max   Adams William
Diemidio Parker   Borg Oscar   Allen Elijah
Diemidio Trey   Boyle Dylan   Beck Owen
Hansen Jack   Choi Dean   Blagg Evan
Hennon William   Edson Wyatt   Cucchiaro Tyler
Higbee Porter   Fanelli James   Dermu Luca
Kimbrough Jack   Henzi Jacob   Estrada Luke
Miller Caleb   Lackner Eli   Geraghty Benjamin
Montgomery Jake   Larson Luke   Hickey Finnian
Readler Brady   Lenz Matthew   Macdonald Tyson
Schechter Will   Newton Tyler   Ross Brayden
Sebree Jake   Pollicove Maxwell   Ruiz Nate
Yeh Phillip   Woods Locker      
4     5     6  
Krhoun     McMillan     Lee  
Avolicino Anthony   Barker Matthew   Chang Marcus
Carrigg Carter   Barks Daniel   Eberly Elijah
Coday Wyatt   Beltramo Luke   Gottlieb Mason
Dyer Lucas   Bride Finn   Kirsch Declan
Ekstrum Ryder   Fitzgibbon Griffin   Lazarus Easton
Epstein Noah   Gardea Everett   Lee Anderson
Ford Parker   Jern Sawyer   Lee Gunnar
Freeman Ronan   Jones Connor   Liberatore Ty
Hirst Kyle   McMillan Connor   Nakano Dylan
Houssels Will   Robinson Evan   Osgood Lucien
Houssels Wyatt   Sartipi Keenan   Peterson Zach
Krhoun Davis   Warner Jack   Yee Colin
Winbery Joshua   Zumach Milo      
7     8  
Smalley     Moylan  
Bessieres Craig   Botsford Bryce
Faurescu Armand   Burris Xon
Gallo Charlie   Garduno Grant
Keane Max   Manter Liam
Longo Grayson   Moylan Connor
McLean Charles   O'Hagan Connor
Mehran Zander   Robertson Beckett
Sepic Theo   Steinmetz Chase
Smalley Mark   Trueman Miles
Spalasso Branson   Vandarakis Constantine
Tripaldi Luke   Velthoen Jasper
Walsh Rocky   Vitols Andrew
Wehrman Will   Walker Deacon


Rookie Division              
1     2     3  
Siler Devin   Kirkpatrick Nick   Rugala Brian
Andres Zackary   Graft William   DeGregori Anthony
Baker Harrison   Johnson Jack   Desmond Harrison
Ballard Ayden   Kirkpatrick Nick   Enright Robbie
Brown Nolan   Kline Brody   Graupmann Elijah
Cuevas Maximiliano   Newton Tanner   Heinze Jacob
Drozdowicz Benek   Nishino Nate   Lee Bennett
Gerace Connor   Paine Michael   Ra Leonardo
Martinez Lukas   Pesce Jake   Rugala Hudson
Montgomery Lucas   Pesce Jonny   Sentinella Theodore
Perona Kai   Pounds Liam   Shuler Bryce
Richardson Owen   Shelton Luke   Sullivan Christopher
Siler Kade   Wilson Blake   Vo Emerson
Siler Nash            
4     5     6  
McDermott Matthew   Burris Xon   Ekstrum Jake
Angstenberger Leo   Bissell Harrison   Anderson Luke
Claytor Donovan   Burris Maddox   Beam Jackson
Cummings Brayden   Crockett Asher   Burke Luke
Frangos Aaron   Croghan Kade   Ekstrum Cody
McCarthy Brody   Drakeley Dillon   Esch Beckett
McDermott Gavin   Dunn Rhys   Freudenberger Ryder
Miller Landon   Hill Harrison   Koenig Colton
Morgan Rock   Hunte Zion   Ross Carter
Shue Braeden   Kroshner Aaron   Stadelhofer Jackson
Teed Logan   McDonald Brayden   Sullivan James
Thompson Noah   Moss Charles   vanZee Landon
Welch Declan   Schreiber Griffin   vanZee Asher
      Wenzel Dylan   Vitols Adam
            Wendt Wilson


T-Ball Division              
1     2     3  
Krause Kristin   Peltz Steve   McCoy Mike
Krause Henry   Boquiren Mason   Ayers Weston
Fanelli Evan   Cruey Jax   Barks Dylan
Ihara Connor   Fedun Brennan   Cliff Landon
Janis Camden   Freeman Torin   Del Arroz Tyler
Moussavi Benjamin   Freeman Christopher   Efird Rowan
Nevarez Coleman   Gates Beau   Hodjat Hooman
Roveda Jacob   Lukrich Liam   McCoy Ace
Spalasso Benton   Michaelis William   Niemeyer David
Sterne Jacob   Peltz Andrew   Parks Brody
Vitzthum Luke   Rice Charles   Readler Landon
Waters Vincent   Trueman Jonah   Thompson Ellis
4     5     6  
Swanson Reid   Reynolds Greg   Shelley Gregory
Estrada Natalee   Bentz Frank   Bessieres Bryson
Frangos Edward   Buck Walker   Carper Brooks
Kessler Caden   Cleland II John   Cox Nathan
Ranganathan Jai   Guzman Damien   Kurpinsky Luca
Ruiz Ben   Hanson Ryan   Lundgren Elliot
Ryan Riccardo   Houston Jack   McCall Owen
Savage Drew   James Jackson   Mostaghim Shay
Smith Carter   Kackley Easton   Orman Tanner
Swanson Grayson   Likar Jack   Shelley Carter
Telles Coleson   Reynolds Hunter   Walters Sawyer
Thenemann Brooks   Ross Camden   Willis Ryder
Yeh Samantha            
Mann Jeremy
Aarts William
Balsara-Crawford Heath
Desmond Peter
Devlin Connor
Eisan Jackson
Jorgenson Kevin
Peterson Clyde
Rudberg Mikael
Skaggs Cole
Stiles Jack
Thor Jonah
Tipton Justin
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Welcome to the 2019 Season
by posted 01/26/2019

On behalf of the board, thank you for registering, volunteering and supporting the league again this season. We are looking forward to another fun, competitive year.


Our league year started on a sad note with the passing of longtime snack shack and umpire volunteer, Dave Struck, in November. Dave was an Osage Park regular for most of the last two decades. We will miss seeing him at the park this spring.


You all saw my note recently about helping the Little Leagues in District 47 impacted by Camp Fire. With your help, we delivered 8 boxes of donated cleats, pants, belts, gloves, bats, helmets to the Paradise LL. Even though most Paradise families lost homes and property, and the league itself lost all three of its fields, their board intends to play the spring season with the help of others. Our donations reached those families in December and got them started in that direction. I feel really good about what we did there. We'll have other opportunities to help in the spring.


The on-field part of our 2019 schedule starts next week with tryouts for 9-12 year olds. Our Majors, AAA, and AA drafts are scheduled for Saturday 1/26. Tryouts for upper division Intermediate, Juniors, and Seniors House teams will be on January 13th and 14th as communicated recently. Registration for our younger divisions stays open divisions through 2/1/19. Rosters for those teams are published in late February and early March. It's also not too late to register to coach or umpire. And we're always recruiting team and league level sponsors. If you have a small business in Danville and want to advertise on our jerseys or Osage fences, register here.


Our board intends to build on some of the new activities we added last year like Friday Night Clinics and MLB Pitch, Hit & Run. We took your feedback and intend to play some interleague games with neighboring Little Leagues. We will do a better job introducing our Majors players and families to Little League's upper divisions with practices and interleague games on a larger diamond. Finally, we are planning a tryout for 8-year-olds and controlled draft for Single A players, which we expect will help to balance the competition in that division.


You may have noticed the investments that MLB and Dick├ó€™s Sporting Goods are making in Little League. We will benefit from both of those. One exciting change for 2019 that our board decided to take advantage of is an Oakland A's promotion called "Future A's". In addition to events at the Coliseum, the A's are supplying jerseys and hats for all DLL players and coaches. All of our younger division players will be wearing different styles of A's jerseys this season. AAA and Majors teams will remain with the MLB teams we have previously had. In addition to the Future A's promotion, look for some in-store and online Dick's Sporting Goods promotions for our families in the spring.


Keep an eye on our league calendar for upcoming board meetings as well as umpire, player, coach, and safety training dates. We anticipate the Town opening grass fields for play around March 1, weather permitting. This year's Carnival and Challenger division games will be on Sunday 4/28. And we'll have our usual Little League Days with the A's (Sunday 3/31) and Giants (Sunday 4/8).


I am looking forward to a great season. Thanks again for your support. Any questions or suggestions, let me know.


Kevin Salmon

DLL President


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Donations for Paradise LL
by posted 12/05/2018

Many Danville parents have asked me how to help the families and Little Leaguers in Butte County that have been displaced or lost homes and property in the Camp Fire.  I’ve been in contact with the Little League District 47 Administrator and the Paradise LL President.  We’ve got several ideas already, two of which are available now for those interested.


First,  we will host a clothing and equipment drive this Saturday 12/8 between 9:30-11am at Osage Park.  Families there are particularly in need of cleats, belts, socks, dry fits, gloves. . . the basics.  Anything new or gently used/reusable, bring it to the park this weekend and we’ll make sure it gets to the folks in Chico that are hosting a free distribution for Paradise LL families next weekend.  If you can't make it Saturday, let me know so we can connect with you directly.


Second, Paradise LL has a Gofundme site to raise funds to repair fields and buy equipment.  Most Paradise families lost everything, but their board is very motivated to keep baseball and softball seasons on track for the spring, even though they'll likely play in neighboring towns that were less impacted.  Donating there is another easy way to help if you are interested.


With our first registration deadline at the end of next week, I plan to send more details about our upcoming 2019 Danville season soon.  Wanted to get the word out quickly on this for those that are around and able to donate this weekend.


Kevin Salmon

DLL President

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Intermediate Aces in the West Region Tournament
by posted 07/24/2018

The Danville Aces are playing this week in the Intermediate West Region Tournament in Nogales, AZ.  Pool play completed on Sunday.  Despite one of the more difficult draws, the Aces finished 3-1.  The loss was to the #1 seed Southern California (Scripps Ranch LL, San Diego).  As the #2 seed, Aces play #7 Clackamas LL (Portland, OR) in tonight’s quarterfinal.  Semifinals are tomorrow.  Championship and third place games are Thursday.  The winner of Thursday’s Championship game will be the West Region representative at the Intermediate World Series starting Sunday in Livermore.


Update 7/24 10pm:  Aces beat Oregon/Clackamas LL and advanced to the regional semifinal.  They will play Hawaii/Central East Maui LL at 5pm Wednesday.

Update 7/25 10pm:  It came down to the last pitch, but Aces lost to Hawaii/Central East Maui LL 6-5.  Hawaii advances to the West Region championship game against Southern California/Scripps Ranch LL.  Aces will play in the 3rd place game against Alaska/Knik LL at 5pm Thursday.

Final update 7/26 10pm:  Aces beat Alaska/Knik LL 13-9 to finish 3rd place in the Intermediate West Region tournament.  Southern California/Scripps Ranch LL advances to the Intermediate World Series starting in Livermore on Sunday.


This site will be updated throughout the tournament.  Ways to follow the team:

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by posted 07/20/2018


Congratulations to the CCLL and SRLL 11s for winning both A and B divisions of the Brett Slinger Memorial Tournament.  Final results are available on Gamechanger and our website.  

Thanks to Devon and Mike Slinger and their family for joining us all week to share stories about Brett and cheer on this year’s players.  We are so fortunate to have their family host this event with us every year.


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by posted 07/12/2018


Congratulations to the Livermore LL 10s and Granada 10 Black all stars for winning both A and B divisions of the Chachi Corral orial Tournament.  Final results are available on Gamechanger and our website.  

Thanks to Denise and Arnie Corral and their family for joining us all week to share stories about Chachi, raise money for the Semper Fi Foundation, and cheer on this year’s players.  We are so fortunate to have their family host this event with us every year.

Good luck to the 10s playing at Tassajara Valley next week.

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MLB Pitch Hit & Run Winners
by posted 05/28/2018

Congratulations to the winners of Sunday’s Pitch Hit and Run local competition at Osage.  Age group winners from each of the skill categories plus one overall winner advance to the sectional competition which will be held in Orinda next Sunday 5/20.  Award certificates are available to be picked up at the Osage snack shack.  

All-Around:  Colin Schmiegel
Pitch:  Charlie Bell
Hit:  Colin Schmiegel
Run:  Seth Shelton

All-Around:  Austin Carey
Pitch:  Austin Carey
Hit:  Austin Carey
Run:  Austin Carey

All-Around:  Austin Shelton
Pitch:  Cameron Sadigh
Hit:  Austin Shelton
Run:  Austin Shelton

All-Around:  Jacob Lize
Pitch:  Jacob Lize
Hit:  Jacob Lize
Run:  Jacob Lize

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Baseball After Majors...
by posted 09/10/2017


Baseball after Majors...

Hello Former Majors Parents,

Now that DLL Majors has wrapped up I know many of you are thinking about what is the next step for your son in regards to baseball. With my last calculations, I added up 10 different local baseball programs that are available to 13 year olds next spring. With 10 programs, choosing one can be a daunting task. Some of the programs are invitation only (coach contacts you) and most offer professional coaching at different price levels.  But are they what’s best for you players enjoyment of the game?

Over the past few years Danville Little League (DLL) has offered a Spring program for 13 year olds called the” Intermediate” (50 & 70 foot base paths) program (players born on or after 9/1/2004). There are two levels in the Intermediate program "Gold”, which is a competitive advanced level team chosen at the beginning of the season thru tryouts, and "House", which is made up of kids who just want to play ball. The Gold program is professionally coached by the Aces Baseball Staff, run by Jim Grant, and the House program is coached by Dads, just like in Majors. Being that the Gold program is professionally coached; the fee is priced accordingly, but is lower than most programs outside DLL. The House program is priced similar to last year in Majors. All DLL Intermediate programs are housed locally (Danville) with local practices and games (located within District 57).  Many of the games are played at Osage Field #3.  The Gold team also has a District All Star Tournament and World Series and may travel a bit further to play in a few outside tournaments. There will be more information from DLL on these programs coming. Tryouts for the Intermediate Gold program are held in late August.  They play a fall tournament season and then a regular local D57season starting in March and ending in Mid-June.  House teams will be formed in late January with a player evaluation held at Sycamore Park turf TBA.  Please wear tennis shoes on the turf.  We are also looking for team Managers and Coaches. 

For the 14 year olds (players born on or after 9/1/2003) we have a very similar program that has a “House” league, and a “Gold” league which is equivalent to the 13’s Gold team.  This division is called Junior 90’s.  The Junior 90’s Gold team will be professionally coached by Darren Nicholson, owner of Hit Lab Sports, with tryouts held in mid-October, TBA. This division plays on a 90 foot diamond to get the kids ready for high school.

Looking a few years ahead there are also Seniors House and Gold programs for the 15 and 16 year olds (born on or before 9/1/2001).

All sign-ups are through the DLL Web site. As always, you can contact me if you have any questions or want to talk about what’s out there for your son next year.



Steve Pugh – DLL Upper Division Director




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Snack Shack Now Accepting Credit Cards
by posted 04/03/2016

DLL Families


We are happy to inform you that the DLL Snack Shack, located at Osage Park, is now accepting credit cards for your purchases of $5 or greater.  We hope you enjoy this added convenience when you are out enjoying your baseball games!


Play Ball!!

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