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Safety Update for the 2021 Spring Season

Hello DLL Parents, 
My name is Cody Moxley and I am the Safety Director for DLL.  For those of you that got to go out and watch your kids play some baseball this weekend, that must have felt pretty good.  These kids need this, and I know you parents love watching them.  
I am writing this as a reminder to follow the Covid-19 Safety Guidelines put in place.  Some of these are required by the county and some are DLL requirements.  Either way, if you are wanting to be part of a DLL event, you need to follow all the guidelines.  I am more concerned with everyone feeling safe while they watch their kid play, than I am for a handful of people to feel comfortable not having to wear a mask.  This is done to keep everyone safe and to show people walking past, that we are doing our part.  
I received some feedback and made observations of my own as I visited all the fields this weekend.
Concerning observations:
  1. Multiple kids not wearing masks in the dugout
  2. Half the parents not wearing masks while talking and not socially distanced
  3. People sitting in the bleachers
  4. Very little social distancing
  5. Some coaches not wearing masks
Good observations:
  1. Baseball being played
  2. Families spaced out down the foul lines
  3. Some kids wearing masks at the plate 
Here are the guidelines for your reference:
DLL Guidelines
DLL Flow Chart
Contra Costa County 



This document is a guideline for anyone attending a Danville Little League (DLL) sponsored activity.  County guidelines must also be followed in addition to these DLL guidelines, whichever is more restrictive.  All COVID-19 cases will be evaluated and a decision to return to play will be made based on what is in the best interest of all parties involved.  Protected Health Information must not be shared unless authorized by the responsible party.  Please consult the DLL Safety Manager with questions and familiarize yourself with the Contra Costa County and California Department of Public Health Guidelines.

Face Masks

  • Must be worn at all times by anyone not playing game, players, coaches and spectators

  • Masks for players on the field are optional

  • Mask at practice should be worn when players are in close proximity


  • Spectators are allowed at games-Limit to family members

  • Follow county guidelines on mask wearing and social distancing

  • Do not use bleachers, spectators must provide their own seating

Please follow the guidelines as you observe your next DLL event.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call me, 
SECOND      925.487.6131
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