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2015 90's Gold Academy Call Backs

90's Gold Candidates
Thank you all for your interest in the 90's Gold Academy Program.  16 players have been invited back from the 1st tryout.  We are planning on having the 2nd tryout on Tuesday the 28th at 7:30 at Diablo Vista Park for anyone who couldn't make the 1st tryout, and to invite the below named players back to give the coaches a 2nd look.  It is not mandatory that the players from the 1st tryout attend the 2nd one.  This does not mean the player has made the team, he has made 1st cut.  Players who attended the 1st tryout, who made the cut, are encouraged to come back for the 2nd tryout. If you missed the 1st tryout, please plan to attend on the 28th.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  
Here is the list of players who are invited back:
William Cumberlich - SRV
Peyton Gibbs - SRV
John Hughes - TVLL
Alex Van Steenhyse - TVLL
Dylan Miller - SRV
Jack Burrill - DLL
William Kao - TVLL
Ethan Balingit - DLL
Matt Mandeville - DLL
Tristan Ragan - DLL
Jackson Foster - DLL
Tyson Deitsch - DLL
Zach Wilson - DLL
Caden Stewart - DLL
Jack Couch - SRVLL
Bryce Stephens - DLL
For those players not invited to the call backs, or those interested in House 90's baseball this Spring, information for these teams will be coming soon.  Evaluations for these teams will be in December or January.  Stay tuned!
Thank you, 
Steve Pugh
Danville Little League Upper Division Director
925-659-0362 (w) 
925-301-7911 (cell)
Field Status
Baldwin 1 - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
Baldwin Grass - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
Baldwin South - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
Farm Field - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
Greenbrook 1 - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
Greenbrook 2 - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
Greenbrook Grass - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
Osage 1 - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
Osage 2 - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
Osage 3 - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
Osage 4 - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
Osage Grass - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
Rookie - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
Snack Shack - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
TBall - Danville OPEN (10/22) 
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