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Danville, California
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Annual Meeting of Members -- Tuesday 8/25

Thanks again to all of our parents, sponsors, and volunteers for your support through our unusual 2020 season.  I know that none of us imagined that it would turn out as it did.  I am especially thankful to the almost 400 players and coaches that participated in our summer training, keeping everyone safe while getting out to the park for some exercise and skill building.
Now we turn our attention to the 2021 season.  We do not plan to open registration for the spring season for several months, but the league year officially kicked off on Tuesday August 25th with our Annual Meeting of Members.  Thanks to those that attended and voted for our 2020-21 Board of Directors.  Click here to watch a recording of the meeting.  And many congratulations and thanks to the volunteers elected to the Board:  Brian Balingit, Lew Carpenter, Scott Diekman, Corey Fitzgibbon, Brent Johnson, Jim Ludwig, Kevin Salmon, Marc Silveira.
Our league is healthy because of how much parent involvement we have. Our next Members meeting will be Tuesday, October 13 where we will start to plan the 2021 season in earnest.  As usual, let me know if you have any questions or feedback.
Kevin Salmon
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Field Status
Baldwin 1 - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Baldwin 2 - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Baldwin Grass - Danville TBD (9/18) 
CW Blacktop - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Diablo Vista MS - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Greenbrook 1 - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Greenbrook 2 - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Greenbrook Grass - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Osage 1 - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Osage 2 - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Osage 3 - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Osage 4 - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Osage Batting Cage - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Osage Batting Cage Field - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Osage Grass - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Osage Playground Field - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Osage Snack Shack - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Osage Snack Shack Field - Danville TBD (9/18) 
Vista Grande Blacktop - Danville TBD (9/18) 
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