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Danville, California
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Plans for the 2021 Spring Season

Parents, Players, Sponsors, Volunteers:
We hope you and your families are safe and healthy.  It goes without saying that the 2021 Little League season will not be a typical one, but we believe that Little League will be an important part of our recovery this spring.  Our board has been meeting regularly to set and adjust our plans for the upcoming season.  The primary objective is to get our kids back to practices and games as safely and quickly as possible.
Here are a few things to expect in the coming weeks:
  • Since early January, we have had 22 AA, AAA, Majors and upper division teams practicing safely.  Thank you to the parents and coaches who make this possible.  This week, we organized our 10 Single A rosters.  Next week, we intend to open registration for ages 4-7 T Ball, Rookie and Farm players so we can get them started in March.
  • We anticipate that Osage Park will open for team practices on February 27.  Schedules for those will be published soon.  Using the State’s Department of Public Health guidance, we expect to begin playing games 1-2 weeks after Contra Costa County moves from the Purple to Red tier.
  • Once we are in Red status and able to confirm game schedules, we will complete the second stage of our registration for ages 8-12.  Those parents will receive an email prompting them to return to the DLL website to complete final payment, either by credit card or by applying your credit balance.  This will provide the funds for our typical preseason purchases like uniforms and hats, field equipment, and safety supplies.  It may look different when we start the season without outfield fences, uniforms, and the snack shack, but we prioritized getting back on the field which meant deferring expenses until we had a clearer picture of what the season would look like.
We are optimistic that this will be a memorable season and welcome relief to everyone after nearly a year without youth sports.  Thank you for joining us.  If you are interested in planning with us, please join our next monthly members meeting is Tuesday 3/9 at 7pm.
Kevin Salmon
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Upcoming Games
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Field Status
Baldwin 1 - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Baldwin 2 - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Baldwin Grass - Danville TBD (3/8) 
CW Blacktop - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Diablo Vista MS - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Greenbrook 1 - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Greenbrook 2 - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Greenbrook Grass - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Osage 1 - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Osage 2 - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Osage 3 - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Osage 4 - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Osage Batting Cage - Danville OPEN (3/8) 
Osage Batting Cage Field - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Osage Grass - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Osage Playground Field - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Osage Snack Shack - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Osage Snack Shack Field - Danville TBD (3/8) 
San Ramon Valley HS - Danville TBD (3/8) 
Vista Grande Blacktop - Danville TBD (3/8) 
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